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Unicrypt is a platform creating services for other tokens. Services such as token locking contracts, yield farming as a service, and other DEX-oriented products.

A total of 4 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance Txn Count
0x927dfaa3effd45fd43d8ca2a907cc38d189479daUnicrypt : ERC-20 Minting Factory0 AVAX6
0xca61c60d9da18fa4e836a1e378ded3205fcedfa5UniCrypt: Token Vesting0 AVAX13
0x7d86f1eaff29f076576b2ff09ce3bcc7533fd2c5Unicrypt: UNCL Token0 AVAX71
0x3b9e3b5c616a1a038fdc190758bbe9bab6c7a857UniCrypt: UNCX Token0 AVAX2
Sum of 4 Accounts0 AVAX92
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