Accounts Old Contract

Contracts/addresses which are migrating or have migrated to a new contract/address. This includes token swaps as well.

A total of 11 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0xc3a8d300333bffe3ddf6166f2bc84e6d38351bedEverRise: Old RISE Token0 AVAX297
0xae955c0b9feba117b642b5a88155727915f35253Solalgo: Old SLGO Token0 AVAX3
0x8de2e43282fe87c8f04387b6511615edf86af5e4XPower: Old AQCH NFTs Token0 AVAX56
0x2c5c3374c216bd8c36d598c40d990eb2a2250ccdXPower: Old AQCH Token0 AVAX946
0xaf2e30449f9e7165257a9608f8dcc24e05ca4406XPower: Old PARA NFTs Token0 AVAX56
0xbb8b956520caa6b8cd71c24cd4b515ad31937a90XPower: Old PARA Token0 AVAX1,426
0xa4b204720b49c2f60e837435ed6eca97c6bd6552XPower: Old QRSH NFTs Token0 AVAX56
Sum of 7 Accounts0 AVAX2,784

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