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Contracts/addresses which are migrating or have migrated to a new contract/address. This includes token swaps as well.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0x9867cc2419fb317e986a648e02cf7c35aa87a336BiggerMinds: Old Mind Token0.1 AVAX12,999
0x0fb3e4e84fb78c93e466a2117be7bc8bc063e430Champion Finance: Old AVIC Token0 AVAX372
0x5fa3c882eef3a8d49c4466eeb7fbabb75a88643fChampion Finance: Old CHAM Token0 AVAX247
0xe1c110e1b1b4a1ded0caf3e42bfbdbb7b5d7ce1cElk Finance: Old ELK Token0 AVAX48,842
0xc9ef4b123f87bb07de025736686c0e4093119418EMDX: Old EMDX Token0 AVAX1
0xc3a8d300333bffe3ddf6166f2bc84e6d38351bedEverRise: Old RISE Token0 AVAX318
0x45c9d81516011163ad91acbbe5f4e01cc70c80a3Ganjavax: Old GANJA Token0 AVAX4

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