Accounts Multichain

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Multichain is a trustless protocol to bridge assets between heterogenous Layer-1 and Layer-2 platforms.

A total of 4 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance Txn Count
0x264c1383ea520f73dd837f915ef3a732e204a493Multichain: BNB Token0 AVAX99,633
0xfa9da51631268a30ec3ddd1ccbf46c65fad99251Multichain: Deployer0.80975367 AVAX563
0x4e13c3c78094e60cef02d87fd266cd7aed415f17Multichain: Moonbeam Bridge14,624.88305991 AVAX4,548
0x833f307ac507d47309fd8cdd1f835bef8d702a93Multichain: Router V60 AVAX60,690
Sum of 4 Accounts14,625.69281358 AVAX165,434
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