Accounts Canary Exchange

A total of 8 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0x58dd524b6d480bb30086189f0283d71a3d3fe86fCanary: Airdrop Treasury0 AVAX4
0x10d317cd416416674d9e67250e93529b8800a684Canary: CNR Stake Autocompound0 AVAX15,363
0x8d88e48465f30acfb8dac0b3e35c9d6d7d36abafCanary: CNR Token0 AVAX18,995
0xcfba329d49c24b70f3a8b9cc0853493d4645436bCanary: Factory0 AVAX2
0xb7d7221f16b59f5ff311d24bc398cb6b06ac0730Canary: Liquidity Pool Manager V30 AVAX86
0x06f8ed60393ac6a4b16900273c9313222dfe9940Canary: Router0 AVAX46,015
0xc2fb426092b13c5ad66a99d23766fb3d1b2dca26Canary: Timelock0 AVAX238
Sum of 7 Accounts0 AVAX80,465

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