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A total of 27 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0x89fc4fa08b5fcb8fa9538d6cc25b638370fc26d8Blizz: Aave Oracle0 AVAX2
0x51d1e664a3b247782ac95b30a7a3cde8c8d8ad5dBlizz: Aave Protocol Data Provider0 AVAX1
0x60cae9bcc9324fa6b7f5423dff3ee3f3f83698a8Blizz: Admin Multisig Wallet0 AVAX23
0xb2ac04b71888e17aa2c5102cf3d0215467d74100Blizz: bAVAX Token0 AVAX6,443
0x6807ed4369d9399847f306d7d835538915fa749dBlizz: bDAI Token0 AVAX171
0x0f34919404a290e71fc6a510cb4a6acb8d764b24Blizz: BLZZ Token0 AVAX22,222
0xc25ff1af397b76252d6975b4d7649b35c0e60f69Blizz: bUSDC Token0 AVAX177
Sum of 7 Accounts0 AVAX28,862

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